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HULA in partnership with Burns Pet Food

Scrumptious food on the menu

Update - September 2012

Photo of Burns pet food donation
We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone at Burns Pet Food for the extremely generous donation of high quality wet and dry dog food.

Everyone at HULA is so grateful for this wonderful donation and all our kennel guests are excited and looking forward to dinner :)

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Thank you!

Update - August 2012

As many of you know we were very lucky to be selected as a charity partner with Burns pet foods over the last 12 months. During this time Burns have supplied us with a large quantity of food and we are incredibly grateful for their support.

Photo of Jazz the GSD
Some animals who arrive at HULA are discovered to have medical conditions. It is wonderfully reassuring to know that we can turn to Burns to provide a high quality diet for those in need of extra nutrition due to illness or maybe in poor condition and simply need a nutritional boost. Occasionally we receive the odd pooch who is carrying a few extra pounds (many of us know that feeling!) and the Burns weight control food has proved to be a real winner in helping to fight the flab!

So THANK YOU Burns - we are extremely grateful and truly honoured that you have agreed to extend our partnership.

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A new slimline Seamus

Photo of Seamus the dog

Seamus the staffy arrived at HULA in February 2011 and it was noticed that he had a few pounds to lose. Fortunately for Seamus Burns kindly provided him with some special diet food.

Photo of Seamus the dog

As all good weight watchers know it's important to measure your success and Seamus obediently got on the scales!

Very quickly we noticed a new slim line waist appearing. As you can see below the new model Seamus is certainly looking very healthy.

Photo of Seamus the dog

Further information on the Burns pet food range may be found here.

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March 2011

HULA is delighted to announce a partnership with Burns – the pet food company that provides Real Food for Pets.

HULA’s aim is to provide all its animals with the highest level of care and this also covers their feeding. Burns is recognised as one of the premium feeds on the market and HULA is delighted to be able to provide the dogs with one of the best feeds. As part of the partnership Burns will supply HULA with an amount of dog food, including some for dogs on special diets, to help cover HULA’s feed needs. This is invaluable – feed is one of the biggest costs of animal care, and whilst much is donated by the public, it is often not enough to cater for the core needs.

Public donations are always welcome though! Not all dogs are tolerant of a dry food diet and consumption by HULA dogs is very dependent on things such as how many dogs are in the kennels at any one time, how much they eat and what diet they are used to when they arrive at HULA.

HULA will be working with Burns to help adopters and dog lovers to help make better decisions regarding the food their animal is fed, decisions based on care, nutrition and the best interests of the animal.

Burns’ Rescue Coordinator, Rowan Flindall said “During our recent visit we were very impressed with the rescue, the tranquil atmosphere and the calm, efficient but loving way the animals are cared for. Burns are looking forward to working with HULA and hope to be able to help the dogs in their care start a healthy new life.”

Further information may be found here.

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