Happy Endings

If you have adopted an animal from HULA we would love to hear from you. Please send photos and a brief update via email to:   Happy Endings

Thank you to all of our adopters!

JESS (formerly Freya)

Adopted March 2012

Dear Hula,

Photo of Freya the dog
Just a quick pic from Jess (formally Freya). She is looking a bit put out as even though it had her name on the bottle, she was not allowed to drink it.

Jess is coming into her own as she gets older. She has put all of her training to good use and has started a career as a master criminal. For a while we thought we had a poltergeist as a number of food stuffs were mysteriously going missing.

It turned out we have a dog that loves all things savory... especially scotch eggs... and sausages... and bananas... and corn flakes... ham sandwiches... the list goes on...

All the best John, Linsey and Jess.

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Photo of Toby the guinea pig

Adopted April 2014

Thought I would send a few more pics over of Toby, he's now living with his new girlfriend Khloe, they are very cute together!!!

He's a podgy little piggie, loves his food!!! And is always first to the pile of veg.

He recently came with me to do a talk to a group of Rainbows, and was a very good boy. They all loved him.

We are still so pleased we decided to adopt him from Hula, he's one of the best guinea pigs we have ever owned.

Photo of Toby the guinea pig

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Photo of Cupcake and Bakewell the kittens

Adopted August 2014

Hello, we are Cupcake and Bakewell. We are brother (Bakewell – black and white) and sister (Cupcake - Tortie) and were part of the Cake family that came to HULA in May 2014.

Our new family adopted us and took us home on 1st August 2014. Despite spending the first five hours hiding under the sofa we have settled in well and are busy training our new family in their respective duties – they are learning fast but could still do better. The house is full of exciting places to explore. Bakewell is the more adventurous while Cupcake takes time to consider things first. We are informally known as Squeaks and Toilet-Head. Cupcake was the first to talk (a series of squeaks) while Bakewell is known for his one and only headlong dive into a toilet.

Photo of Bakewell the kitten
We are growing fast and can no longer fit under the sofa. We are too young to go out yet but spend hours looking out on our garden through the patio window. Soon it will be our playground.

We both have favourite toys. Cupcake takes her fluffy mouse up to bed and enjoys sharing the squeaking sound that it makes with her family at 3am.

Bakewell enjoys hiding his rattling mouse in people’s slippers and then hunting it out.

Photo of Cupcake the kitten
We enjoy being at home together and spend a lot of time either rough-housing or grooming each other. We like living here and hope that our Mum (Muffin) and our brother (Mr Kipling) and sister (Madeira) like their new homes as much as we do.

Big happy purrs from Cupcake and Bakewell.

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Adopted August 2014

Photo of Smudge and Casey the cats
Hi Hula

Smudge and Casey are just adorable and have settled in beautifully. They have their spats but are inseparable and a total joy to both of us.

They love their food, the garden and their beds and Smudge grabs all the toys and Casey grabs all the food.

Between them they have lost a kilo each and Casey in particular is looking very trim. Smudge went for a haircut and a brush up and came back looking very handsome from the groomers.

We are delighted and right now Casey is asleep in the greenhouse and Smudge is looking hopefully at the fridge...............his usual place

Thank you
Tony and Fiona

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Photo of Jasper the dog

JASPER (formerly Blaze)

Adopted April 2014

We just love a happy ending... and 'stray to happily rehomed' just makes our day!

Some of you will remember the lovely Blaze, now named Jasper. Here he is getting on very well in his new home... and clearly learning how to perfect the "I-was-just-a-poor-stray-please-don't-make-me-get-out-of-bed" eyes brilliantly!

Photo of Jasper the dog

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Photo of Annie the rabbit

DAISY (formerly Annie)

Adopted September 2014

We re-homed Daisy (was Annie) from you recently.

I thought you would like to know she has settled really well. She is pictured here with her new friend.

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Adopted February 2000

Dear Hula

I was born at Hula in October 1999 and was known as Cody. I am a Lab x Belgium Shep.

Someone adopted me but decided they did not want me after all, so my Mummy stepped in and I went to live with my Mummy in February 2000 and her 2 year old Collie Boris and was now called Chloe. We moved from MK in 2008 to come and live in Northumberland. Sadly Boris had to leave us for the big park in the sky in 2010 so I was on my own for a while.

Photo of Chloe and Jess the dogs
In August 2012 Mummy and Daddy went to a nearby rescue and I met Jess a 6 month old Collie and I instantly took her under my paw as my new baby sister who I love very much. I did have a bit of a stroke in November of that year but with lots of love and patients I got better quite quickly.

I will be 15 this October but I still enjoy my walks and running after Jess although it isn't that easy at my age. I have attached a photo of Jess and I a few weeks ago snuggled up on the couch and one of me on the beach a couple of months ago.

Love Chloe xx

Photo of Chloe the dog

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ARI (formerly Jules)

Adopted December 2014

Hi Everyone,

Hopefully you will remember Ari (formerly Jules), who we took home on 23 December and who has already given us six months of love, cuddles, playfulness, hilarity and fun!

Photo of Ari the cat
Ari made herself at home the moment she arrived – within 45 minutes, she had covered the house from top to bottom and retrieved a packet of Dreamies from 6 feet up, on top of the fridge-freezer in the kitchen! She likes to pop up there and watch the proceedings, yelling occasional guidance without risk of being tripped over … although it is also fun to creep in and flop over behind the unsuspecting cook, followed by the inevitable trip, gushing apologies, cuddles and, of course, Dreamies!

The Christmas tree lasted 4 days before we gave up and put it away – it came down at all sorts of angles attached to a small black cat … and the space left behind gave a wonderful vantage point from which to take on the curtains … great view from up there apparently!

At quiet times, Ari hops into your lap and goes into cuteness overload – wriggling until she is completely upside down, front feet tucked up meerkat style, tail and back legs akimbo for a tummy rub. Where most cats turn into a bear-trap, she goes floppy and rattles the windows purring!

Photo of Ari the cat
Having spent her formative years as a housecat, Ari has taken her first tentative steps outside … doorstep, inside, second step, inside, wheelie bin, inside, wot’s this green stuff, I think I’ll call it grass … as is her nature, nerves didn’t last long and on her third venture she dashed over and stuck one on a neighbouring small black cat who had dared set foot on her patch!

A few weeks back she gave us a fright – as clouds gathered and rain threatened, we called but she didn’t appear though a faint meowing could be heard and, when tracked, led 12 feet up a tree in the front garden … Ari has discovered the joys of tree-climbing! Just as fears were forming that we might need a ladder, the heavens opened and she skidded through the front door followed by a smattering of hailstones … well, that’s one way to get a small black cat out of a tree!

Suffice to say she is an adorable addition to the household, full of love, cuddles and fun. One of the most talkative cats in existence – particularly at quarter to four in the morning (“pfffft gerroff”, splutter, blink …!!) – and from the snuggles, purring and cuddles this morning seems quite happy to keep us, thank you!

Jude & Pete

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Adopted April 2014

We love hearing about how our rehomed animals are getting on. Here's Wriggle and Boycie (Boycie being the ex-HULA cat, pictured on the left) who seem to be getting on very well. And don't they look good together!

Photo of Boycie the cat

Boycie had sadly lost his sister Marlene recently and Wriggle's buddie had also recently passed away, so we are very pleased that these two gorgeous cats have found each other.

He looks like he's very happy in his new home.

*** UPDATE ***

You've got a friend in me
You've got a friend in me
When the road looks rough ahead
And you're miles and miles from your nice warm bed
You just remember what your old pal said
Boy you've got a friend in me....

Well Boycie and Wriggle seem like they're past the rough road and have certainly found their nice warm bed! These two found each other after they both lost their mates and look how happy they are now! Boycie has been in his new home with Wriggle for just over a month now, and has just started to have supervised visits outside. Wriggle will never be able to replace Boycie's Marlene, and we're sure Boycie cannot replace Wriggle's mate Fidget either, however, we believe these two deserve happiness and a 2nd chance at love!

Photo of Boycie the cat Photo of Boycie the cat

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Photo of Arthur the dog

Adopted April 2014

Well here he is, totally spoilt but being a naughty boy at times. Likes to get up at 5.30 in the morning!

Photo of Arthur the dog

He has also chewed through his new harness and lead and many of the toys he has.

Hope he settles soon, I'm getting worn out just watching him :)

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Photo of Hendrix the dog
Photo of Hendrix the dog
Hendrix has now been with us for just over four months, and has settled in really well, too well in some cases, he has taken over our spare bedroom as his own, he says he prefers to sleep on a big bed!!!

He loves playing with his toys, and adores tickle time!!

This weekend we took Hendrix with us to Hunstanton, in Norfolk, where we are lucky enough to have use of a family property.

This is the first time Hendrix has been
Photo of Hendrix the dog
to the beach, and he loved it. The large stretches of open sand were the perfect freedom boost for him. He tore up and down until he was completely tired out. He was
Photo of Hendrix the dog
extremely well behaved in the beach front restaurant, sitting nicely whilst we had our dinner, and being royally spoilt by the waiters who kept bringing him tit bits. Even guests at other tables had to come over and have a stroke; Hendrix was delighted as always to be the centre of attention and lapped up all the fuss!

We have plans to go back next month again with him, and hopefully will be able to go for a paddle.

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Photo of Doris the cat


Hello everyone at HULA,

I can hardly believe it, but in a months time it will be a year since we first met Doris, so I thought I'd let you know how she's getting on.

Photo of Doris the cat
She is a constant source of entertainment, managing to be both completely stupid and devilishly clever at the same time. All of those plans we had as first time cat owners (we would only let her out at certain times of day, she wouldn't be allowed to sleep in the bedroom, that sort of thing) went straight out the window pretty sharpish.

She has a cat flap, it's always unlocked. She sleeps on the bed - day and night - often managing to push both of us right to the edges. Closed doors are not allowed in Doris' house. If she wants to get through one, she'll sit and shout her head off until you give in (she's a very shouty little cat!). And we do give in, quite a lot! She's definitely in charge around here and we're all quite happy with that!

Photo of Doris the cat
Doris is a hunter, but a very kind one. The first present she brought us was a toad! Pretty impressive, it was about the same size as her head! It was still alive thankfully. We found out where it came from when a neighbour chased her out of his garden and he came to complain a few days later! She certainly knows how to make friends, that cat!

Photo of Doris the cat
After that it was a couple of baby birds. Then a 6am one Sunday morning, a live sparrow was delivered to our bedroom. That day, we went and bought her a collar with a bell on it! Since then it's mainly mice and voles, normally alive, if a little terrified. We have a fun 10 minutes chasing them around the kitchen trying to catch them so we can let them free in the field down the road. So she's a hunter, but not much of a killer. We have a theory that her under-bite (or wonky mouth, as we call it) means her teeth aren't very useful weapons. A relief for the local wildlife!

We knew we would love her as soon as we met her, but this little black cat has well and truly taken over our lives completely, and we can't imagine being without her now.

Holly, Chris and Doris

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Photo of Pendle the cat


Adopted 2014

Pendle has settled in instantly and has definitely made herself at home. She is very happy and is constantly purring.

Pendle has had a few hissy moments but seconds later she's nudging you for a stroke! She loves to jump up for a cuddle and doesn't seem to like you on the phone as she tries to knock it out your hand, its very funny!

Photo of Pendle the cat
She's managed to learn how to open doors and I normally come home to door opened that I know I shut! She has a mad half hour before bed and is hilarious as she's doing aeriel flips!

Photo of Pendle the cat
She had a taste of the outside recently and loved sitting in the sun and running about.

She has made my house a home and always knows when I get up and greets me in the morning and sits on the windowsill for when I get home.

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Photo of Thumper


Adopted November 2013

Hi all, its Thumper here.

Well its been a good few months since I went home. I've been told I've settled in really well and made myself at home, I am very cheeky and love exploring around the house, outside in the garden, having cuddles and occasionally playing with my big sister, yeah shes a dog but mum says that I sometimes think I am a dog or my sis is one of me.

Photo of Thumper
Anyway mum's promised we will get some more photos soon, so I can send another update in a few months,

Love to all Thumps x

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RALF (formerly Jacob)

Adopted February 2014

Hi All, Just to let you know Ralf is completely settled now and doing really well. He's great fun to be with, loves to play with other dogs in the village and makes everyone he meets smile.

One or two issues need sorting i.e. a particular fondness of socks and recall can take a while when he's with his friends but he's going to start school on Tuesday and he's a quick learner.

Photo of Ralf Photo of Ralf
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Photo of Squishy Face and Rodders

SQUISHY FACE (formerly Louie)

Adopted February 2014

So hello everyone I am going to tell you my little story...

Back in October 2013 I was brought into HULA with my brother and 2 sisters. We were in a sorry state as we had severe Cat Flu. Our eyes were sealed shut with gunk and we were very poorly, I was the worst and the smallest.

The staff at HULA did a fab job taking care of me, they didn’t know if we would make it through...well all four of us did :0) I was called Louie back then but Sarah Tester who works at HULA spent so much time with us that we had nicknames, mine was...wait for it... Squishy face (don’t ask) I thought OK that is fine my new home will re name me.

So I found my forever home. Lots of people didn’t want me or my siblings because we were black or black and white, that made us very sad! But we all got reserved by lovely people that didn’t care what colour we were and all finally went home.

Photo of Squishy Face and Trudy Photo of Squishy Face and Kula

Well I love my home. I live with a HUGE dog called Trudy, she is an Irish Wolf something and Kula who is a Patterdale terrier, they love me and also Rodney who came from HULA last year, he is black just like me and I loves him!

Photo of Squishy Face and Kula dog Photo of Squishy Face

Photo of Squishy Face
I purr all the time and love to walk around on mums shoulders. I also love to lick her eyelids at 5am in the morning..WHAT?

I have so many quirks but guess what I was named Denzol, that’s great, however the name Squishy face stuck!!!!! And that is what I know lol. When I was stuck in a tree mum had to call out SQUISHY FACCCCCEEEEE to get me down, the neighbours asked if she was ‘OK’ lol!

Photo of Squishy Face
I am glad I am here and I loves my family so please consider helping a rescue dog/cat or small animal as they really do need you !!

Love Squishy Face xxx

PS I can climb ladders!!!!

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Hello everyone at Hula,

Just wanted to keep you all posted on how well we are doing. Lucy Locket is showing Jake some tricks of cuteness and Jake is keeping Lucy Locket in check. They go for regualr walks together and are now happy with each other visiting their own homes.

Lucy is still keeping Rebekah and Gary busy, loving her runs, chasing the birds, bikes and runners. Always coming back with a BIG smile on her face and tongue hanging out.

Jake loves his walks around the woods and smelling the deer. He has a favorite toy which he can spend hours occupying himself, a treat ball.

Photo of Lucy Locket and Jake Photo of Lucy Locket and Jake
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Sooty's new owner has sent us some photos to show just how quickly she has settled in to her lovely new home.

She is clearly enjoying the home comforts - tv and cosy bed!

Photo of Sooty Photo of Sooty
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Photo of Treacle and Toffee

TREACLE & TOFFEE (formerly Moonlight & Stardust)

Adopted October 2013

Hi, just a quick update on the girls!

They are fine, still inside rather than outside due to the rotten weather, but they have been going out for the day when the sun shines :-)

Hopefully they will be able to move outside in a few weeks for the summer, they have lots of room in both runs but it's just nice for them to be on the grass in the sunshine!

Toffee (right in the pic of them both) is very easy going and calm, Treacle is a madam! They may look alike but they have very different characters, but they are great fun and still very easy to handle (compared to our hares!)

Thanks again for them, I will update with 'outside in the sunshine' photos when we get some!

Joy x

Photo of Treacle and Toffee Photo of Treacle and Toffee

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Photo of Ralf

RALF (formerly Jacob)

Adopted February 2014

Hi All,

Went for a lovely long walk this morning with my new friend Dashiel, I'm off for a quick brush and a lie down now but we're meeting up again later this afternoon to do it all again!

Ralf, XX

Photo of Ralf Photo of Ralf

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Adopted 2014

Photo of Digby
Hi all at Hula, just giving you an update on Digby's progress in his new home!

We are loving Digby's company, he's such a loving and happy dog, really pleased we got him, he's absolutely spoilt rotten by his new mummy and daddy but is such a good dog, and deserves his treats, he's only shredded a few of mummy's clothes! Serves me right for leaving them out for him!

In a good routine now of meal times, toilet times and is perfectly behaved when we have to pop out or at work! He loves watching TV, except the weather lady! Growls at her!

Photo of Digby
Digby's good on walks, sits at the roadsides, and walks on the paths but still can't walk in a straight line, he still zig-zags across, bless him! But he's getting better! He loves a muddy puddle, so we've both invested in wellies! And we go on lots of long walks rain or shine, along the canal, woughton on the green, the woods, he really loves it!

We have had no trouble with Digby around other people, family, friends, he's not aggressive to anyone, even loves the postman! He's very excitable around other dogs and loves to play on the fields with others (even though he's stuck on the lead but we've got an extended lead so he can enjoy a play!), he's also learning to howl now as well so he's very vocal!

He's got a good healthy appetite and drinks like a fish! Digby loves his cuddles, as do we, and loves a good old fuss! (Which he gets LOTS of!)

Digby is such a loved member of the family now, couldn't imagine life without him!

He's our baby and we love him to bits!

Thank you Hula :-)

From Digby's mummy and daddy,
Steph & Daniel x

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Adopted February 2014

Photo of Robin
After 7 months in kennels Robin's day finally arrived!!!

We said a happy and emotional goodbye to Robin and waved him off to his new home where his bed and sofa were waiting for him. It was lovely to see this lad finally find a family to call his own. We were delighted to hear that things are going well, and he's settling in nicely.

Photo of Robin
When he got home, he went for a long walk and had a play in the garden, then he retired to the rug to receive some well-deserved love and fuss! Robin's new sister Heidi says "We love him! Thanks so much for all the help!".

He was as good as gold his first night and didn’t’ make a peep.

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Adopted March 2013

Following our holiday in the Alps skiing we thought we would send you some pictures of Reece and Huggy enjoying themselves.

We were very excited to take Reece to the mountains as he absolutely adores the snow. When we got there our two very placid dogs became crazed snow lunatics with constant chasing games. We wished we could have stayed out there for longer as tearing them away from the snow was not easy.

I hope you are all well and we will be popping in very soon and I'm sure Reece would be very excited to see everyone.

Laura, Mike, Huggy and Reece

Photo of Reece and Huggy

Photo of Reece Photo of Reece

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Adopted September 2013

Hi Oscar here,

Thought I'd send an update on how my Mam and Dad and brothers and sisters are getting on.

Photo of Oscar
It's been almost 5 months since I've been here!!!!

I go training every week (it's really to train Mam and Dad) 'cos I'm trying to get them to teach me how to say hi to other dogs politely.

I have a few games I play. Shark Attack is when Mam's not getting dressed quick enough for my morning walk. This is when I turn my head over with my bum up in the air and run around the bed with my mouth open, sometimes I am lucky and get socks and trousers in my mouth (sometimes with a leg or foot too but I always let go) then I chew chew chew. Mam put me out the bedroom the other day after I chewed her grey cardi!!! So I sat and whined on the stairs :-( Another game is run down the stairs really fast with Dad or Mam in front of me to see who can get down first. Mam says she's sure I've taken a life insurance policy out on her and I'm trying to cash it in (but I'm not sure what that means).

I love my cuddles. Especially when I'm between Mam and Dad or lying on my sisters Sophie or Zoë. (Yes I know I'm too big to sit on their lap but it doesn't stop me trying).

My big brother Jordan sometimes let's me in to his room and if I've ever disappeared I'll be in his room curled up on the bed he got specially for me.

Anyway must go, new games to invent and cuddles to get.....

Lots of love

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Hi Harry here,

Thought I would give you an update on how I'm getting on. I am living with a lovely family who do lots of fun things with me.

Photo of Harry
Every day I get to go to the yard to say hello to the horses, which I like as they tickle my head with their noses (although some of them are a bit grumpy). I have a good run around the fields with my best friends weasel a JRT and Lucy the Greyhound. Lucy is very hard to keep up with but I do try. Mum wont let us play in the fields at the moment she say's it is too wet and we make her car all muddy. Some days dad takes me to work with him which I like as we meet lots of different people. I like going to Sue's the best, as she lets me play in her pond, but I'm not allowed in the swimming pool.

They took me to the sea side for something called a holiday. It was so much fun, we played at the beach running in and out of the water. I have a best friend called Jasmine who gives me lots of cuddles and I get to sleep on the sofa every night. I have a favorite blanket that I like to carry around with me, but when it's in the wash I steal someone's socks to carry instead.

Photo of Harry and Rosie River
Not too long ago Rosie River the guinea pig came to live with us too. She shares a cage with Lulu. They did not get on at first but are now firm friends. Me and Rosie like to nuzzle through the bars of the cage as she is not allowed to come out to play.

I hope everyone at Hula is ok, and all my doggy friends are finding nice new homes.

Will write again soon.

Love harry the Labrador.

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Adopted February 2012

Hi there Hula people,

Photo of Beau
It’s now 2 years since I moved in & went to live with Ian(my new Daddy) in Pavenham.

I’ve been a very lucky girl. My new Daddy has looked after me & taught me to be nice & very friendly to people, though I still get to bark loudly and run around pretending to be a guard dog if anyone comes near the house or garden, I quite enjoy that.

There are also loads of chickens living here, I am nice and friendly with them though some of them don’t seem to like me. I help daddy round them up and put them away at night. There was one big one that was really horrible and vicious so me and daddy had him for dinner. I go for nice walks around the countryside, I’m not allowed to chase the pheasants but I like chasing squirrels & rabbits. I have 1 acre of woodland garden to patrol & play in which is great fun.

Photo of Beau
Daddy works from home so he’s here all the time which is really nice. I like going in the car with him when he goes out & when he goes to watch football at Blackpool I go with him and stay at a house with loads of other dogs to play with for the day. I am pooped after that and sleep all the way home. Sometimes we go into town so that I learn to walk nicely on the lead and meet loads of other people. My favourite place though is the village pub I like going there & Daddy doesn’t take too much persuading. I’m really happy in my new home and Daddy seems to like having me here so much so that he lets me sleep on his bed sometimes which is really cosy. Daddy does tell me off sometimes though especially when I run out of the gate and chase people with dogs and tell them to get away from my house - Daddy doesn’t like me doing that. I know it’s naughty but I don’t seem to be able to help myself. Maybe me and Daddy need some tips.

Photo of Beau
Sometimes Daddy's friend comes to stay with her dog, Charlie. Charlie is funny, he’s small, white and fluffy and dances around on his back legs - we get on great together he’s a Bichon Frise and only 18 months old. On the other hand Daddy's Sister and her husband have a dog called Schauble he’s the same as me but with long hair. When he was a puppy he was great fun but now he is 2 years old " much bigger than me I don’t like him much, he wants to play all the time, so after I’ve played a little I go and sit on my own away from him.

All in all I think choosing Ian as my new Daddy has been the best thing for me.

Best Woofing wishes

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Photo of Millie and Precious the cats

(formerly Pandora and Tiffany)

Adopted December 2013

We were delighted to receive these pictures of Tiffany and Pandora - who are now named Millie and Precious.

Millie and Precious's family told us... "They give us so much pleasure and are so very different. Millie, the darker of the two eats for England and is so vocal and clumsy. Precious is more elegant and less inclined to frolic but more affectionate with the gentlest meow.

It seems they also prefer sleeping anywhere but in the plush cat bed I bought them!"

Photo of Millie and Precious the cats Photo of Millie and Precious the cats

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Photo of Toby


Adopted January 2014

Hello to everyone at Hula,

Toby has settled in really well, loving his freedom outside in our big garden.

Photo of Toby
He is also loving cuddles and snuggles all the time with either me or my mum, he snores like a trooper but when he's awake in the morning he lets us know it haha.

Toby and our other dog Jake are inseparable, they go every where together and love to have their play fights in all sorts of places, which is great for wearing each other out. Also giving each other lots of kisses and falling asleep together.

Photo of Toby
He also loves his walks but he still has a long way to go with lead training, but his call back in the garden is going very well and he follows me around whereever I go while his nose is still fixed to the ground.

He also really enjoyed his first experience at the doggy groomers, he just loves to be pampered!

Thank you for new family member, we love him so much

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BUD (formerly Spud)

Adopted January 2014

Hi all,

Here are some pics of Bud who is settling in very well.

He is such a good boy and we love him to bits.

Photo of Spud Photo of Spud

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Adopted November 2013

Hendrix (with a little help from his new Mum) has taken the time to send us a lovely update about his new life.

Please click on the photo of Hendrix to read his story.

Thank you Hendrix for sending us all your news, we are so pleased to see you so happily settled with your new family.

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Photo of Lottie

LOTTIE (formerly Roxy)

Adopted February 2013

Hi to you all at Hula,

Just a note and a few pics to let you know how I'm doing. I love my new life and my new family especially my Mum and Dad. I go to work everyday with my Dad and I know he loves my company. We have lots of visitors to our workshop and I am sure some come just to see me.

Photo of Lottie
I go for lots of long walks and love meeting other dogs in the park. I even went to training classes for a while but I was so well behaved Mum decided I didn't need many lessons!

Photo of Lottie
As you can see from my pics I love to sneak up on Mum and Dads bed when no one is looking but most of all I love to lay on my Mums lap in the evening when we watch telly although they cant hear coz I snore so loudly.

Thank you for looking after me so well and finding me a new home.

Love Lottie xx

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Photo of Snugz

Prof. Snuggelton aka Snugz
(formerly Snickers)

Adopted January 2014

Hello to all at Hula,

Thought we would send you some pictures of Snugz (Professor Snuggelton).

Photo of Snugz
He has become very bold. He's been looking out the windows, pushing us off the sofa and taking over our beds. He truly rules the roost, but is also so sweet and gentle.

Photo of Snugz
He loves to watch tv with us and be made a fuss of. He's exploring more of the house, and loves his own bedroom with his own double bed and teddies. He is often found snuggled up to Ted. His next adventure will be exploring the garden on his new harness (Still trying to get used to that first). He's already eyeing up a few birds from the window.

Warmest regards,
Terri, Ronnie and Snugz

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Special Christmas 2013 pics from former residents...

Here we have Jason, Hendrix and Dave

Photo of Jason Photo of Hendrix
Photo of Dave


adopted December 2013

Hi Hula - Rudi or Rude the Dude - is settling in. Here he is on his sofa and enjoying the flooded River Ouse.

Photo of Rudi Photo of Rudi

Rudi has a new collar and lead and still has some shopping to do. He's a boy who loves his kip but won't go in the park in the dark and doesn't like hoovers!

Thank you for looking after him for so long.

Best wishes
Fiona and Rudi

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Photo of Marley


adopted August 2013

Marley is enjoying his first Christmas with his new family and by the looks of things is especially enjoying the twinkly lights!

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adopted November 2012

We adopted Paddy (8 yr old, pigeon-toed black lab!) from you a year ago. He settled in immediately and has filled a huge hole in our hearts.

Photo of Paddy
When he came home with us he didn't know what toys were for. The first time we took him on holiday with us he didn't know what the sea was and just sat and stared at it. Needless to say he was a quick learner!!

This is my favourite photo of him, taken after swimming in the sea and digging in the sand.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing him into our lives.

Anne and Ken Howard

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FREYA (formerly Chalky) & SAMSON

Freya adopted November 2013 and Samson adopted July 2013

Thought I would send you this picture as an update for both Freya (previously Chalky) and Samson.

Photo of Freya and Samson
After a nervous 24 hours, Freya has turned into a purry lap cat. She has mad half hours before finding the nearest lap to curl up on. She is very brave and gives Samson nose touch kisses. Of course, he is a gentleman, and is very tolerant if her cheekiness. Our resident cat is less thrilled but is keeping to herself for now. Freya is just curious about this other strange cat who hissed before wandering away.

Freya has settled in happily and is a wonderfully mad kitten, as she should be. She loves people and isn't phased by anything.

Well done to the cat volunteers and staff who socialised her so well.

Photo of Freya and Samson
Thank you


Hi all

We thought you might like to see how Samson and Freya are getting on.

Photo of Freya and Samson
Samson still loves his walks, especially if there is a car ride involved to get there. Then he wants a sleep and cuddles from any visitors willing to get down to his level.

Freya is bold and beautiful. She adores Samson and likes to cuddle up with him. He doesn't mind and licks her face.

They find mischief to get into together before curling up for a nap .

See you all soon,

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(formerly Moonlight and Stardust)

They are both very well, settled in and seem very happy!

Photo of Toffee and Treacle the rabbits
They are getting quite active, we put a bale of hay in their pen to encourage them to play, and as you can see - they really enjoy it! They have burrowed through/under/behind it, they play running round it/jumping on and off of it, and then they sit on top and watch the world go by :-)

Treacle (less white) is quite cheeky and nips out of the pen if you don't watch her, Toffee is quieter and really enjoys our company, we go in and sit on the bale and they will both jump up next to us. Toffee just wants a fuss and Treacle wants a treat!

Thanks again for letting us have them.

Joy x

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PENNY (formerly Maisie)

adopted October 2013

Hi guys!

Photo of Penny the dog
Just thought I'd check in after my first month's anniversary...!

I'm so happy here, I go for a long walk every morning and again at night I spend most of my day sleeping...

I've learned some new tricks... Especially paw... Can you believe that every time I give him my paw he gives me treats... Who's training who?

I won the battle for Daddy's armchair... Don't I match it perfectly?

Remember my beautiful pink diamanté collar? I broke it getting over excited and trying to chase a bird... So now I have a lovely snake skin one, and it matches Daddy's bag :-P

I miss you all, but I'm glad I'm not there anymore! I've put on a little bit of healthy weight and the vet is very pleased!

P x

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adopted October 2013

Photo of Jake the dog
Jake is an absolute delight. I could have never imagined how affectionate a dog could be, he has settled in to his new home so well - he has been with us for seven weeks - and has his own most definite daily routine.

My 4 year old grandson takes Jake for a walk and my 90 year old father-in-law expects Jake to visit him a couple of times a week. Jake is so gentle and loving to them both.

We are so pleased Rebekah, Lucy's Locket's mum, persuaded us to have Jake.

All the very best

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adopted July 2013

Photo of Mimi the dog
Mimi was sadly overlooked for a little while until she found her very own happy ending. Sadly staffies are often overlooked which is such a terrible shame as so many are looking for new families.

Staffies make wonderful family members. Just a have a read of Mimi's story which has kindly been sent to us by her mum who as you see clearly adores her.

"How to choose the perfect dog."

When you're thinking of choosing the perfect dog for your family what do you really look for?

- A dog with the perfect smile
- A quiet dog that doesn't bark at everything
- A good companion
- A well trained dog
- A dog that will fit into your life & can even come to work with you if you want to
- A dog that loves lots of cuddles and affection
- A dog that doesn't mind being left at home on their own
- A free hot water bottle or seat warmer
- A dog to keep you company on the sofa whilst watching tv
- A dog that greets you with a big kiss because she loves you
- A dog that loves to play frisbee and ball
- A dog that mixes well with other dogs
- A dog that loves days out at the beach, the woods and a nice walk along the canal
- A dog that makes your family complete
- A dog that loves wearing her winter coat
- A dog that doesn't pull when you take her for a walk
- A dog that has a very distinctive smell just to remind you that they are still there
- A dog that's good natured and chilled out

Photo of Mimi the dog
If these are a few of the things you are looking for in a dog then guess what, your perfect dog is out there. They might already be at HULA waiting for you to visit as 4 months ago we visited late on a Sunday afternoon and we found the most perfect dog anybody could ever wish for, in fact she is positively perfect in every possible way xxxx and we love her very much in fact she makes us complete as she is so perfect xxx

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MELODY (formerly Rose)

adopted 2001


Over 12 years ago I adopted a rather small, wild tabby kitten called Rose from Hula animal rescue, she was very vocal and liked music so we renamed her Melody.

Photo of Melody Rose the cat
She is very affectionate but still does not like being picked up although she has mellowed over the 12 and a half years since we got her.

She gets on with my other older cat and my Mum's cat who visits regularly though they do not always appreciate her mischievous chasing games. Unfortunately, she is petrified of the neighbour's cat even though they are the same age and heads for the cat flap whenever she sees her.

She has always been a hunter and if you are a bit late with her meals she will go and catch her own food but still wants her dinner when I come home and treats for 'pudding'.

She does not like being shut in the house and loves the freedom of the cat flap so she can come and go as she pleases.

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Photo of Sonny the dog

SONNY (formerly Sunshine)

adopted October 2012

Sonny has now been with us for a year so he wanted to say Hi to his friends at Hula and give them an update.

Photo of Sonny the dog

“Well what a year it’s been! My new family adore me and they say I make them very happy. I have them all well trained and they cater to my every need. Apart from my meals I get a filled Kong and lots of little tasty titbits throughout the day. I get four walks a day and I get to chase after my rope or Frisbee as much as I like. Well, I do want to keep my fabulous slim physique.

Photo of Sonny the dog
We all went on holiday in the summer to the seaside. I loved the beach! The first time we went on the sand I went crazy. I ran round and round and round for ages which my family thought was hilarious. I had such fun! As I expect you will remember, water is not my favourite thing so I decided not to go for a swim or even a paddle. I made lots of doggy friends and had lots of ice cream and ice lollies.

Photo of Sonny the dog
I have two beds – a dog bed downstairs and my big sis’s bed which she lets me share once she is awake and I get it all to myself during the day when she is out. When they tell me to go to bed, I say which bed?

I’ve heard rumours that I will be getting a super-duper new bed for my birthday in a few weeks. That will be lovely!

I’m so glad that all my old roomies at Hula have now gone to their forever homes. If you ever hear from my son Thunder (now Digs?) give him my love. I hope he is as happy as I am.

Ooh! I smell food! Bye xx”

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Photo of Marley the cat

adopted August 2013

Hi All

Thought I'd give you an update on our little boy Marley, he's been with us 8 weeks, and has settled in really well, after trying out all the seats in the living room he has settled on one of the recliners that his now claimed for his own.

Photo of Marley the cat
On all our visits to Hula to see Marley he always kept his distance, we were fully expecting it to take a while for him to settle in, but after just a few hours he was snuggled up next to me on the sofa.

He has now got us into his routine of daily play times, being 6am when we get up for work and 10pm before we go to bed, if we don't play ball with him he cries, he's getting very good at catching and kicking the ball back, next thing we'll be seeing him on Britain's got talent!!

Photo of Marley the cat
He's starting to venture outside, but only likes to go out for a little while at a time, and not much further than the garden, he seems much happier following me around, he's now my trusty sidekick and we would be lost without him.

Thank you so much for bringing us together.

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Photo of Molly the dog

adopted December 2002

Hi everyone at Hula.

Just a quick update on Molly (previously called Purdy), we got her from you when she was 4 months old and she will be 11 in December.

Photo of Molly the dog

When we first got her she was extremely shy and nervous but it didn't take her long to settle in and become a member of the family. She is extremely spoilt and we could never be without her now.

Molly loves nothing more than cuddling up on the sofa next to her mum and being out in the garden chasing off the neighbours cats and even birds.

Thank you so much for letting Molly join our family and for all the amazing work you do.

The Bailey's

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Formerly Moonlight & Stardust

adopted October 2013

Photo of Toffee and Treacle the rabbits
Just to let you know that they are great! Happy and eating well - loved being outside in the sunshine today and no trouble at all to catch and put back in their indoor pen this evening :-)

We have renamed them Toffee (more white and shyer!) and Treacle (smaller but bolder!)

Love them already, thank you

Joy Costello x

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Photo of Andre the dog
Hi there,

Hope you're well. Just thought I'd send a little update as it has almost been 2 years since we have adopted Andre.

Photo of Andre the dog
It has been the best 2 years of my life, he is a little sunshine that brightens up each day, he loves his walks and play time, he will cheer me up when I'm upset and he just loves cuddles!

He is a little clumsy at times, and he is being naughty every now and then, but his little cute face makes us forgive him very quickly :-)

Photo of Andre the dog
It was the best day in my life when we found out that we can take Andre home.

Once again, thank you HULA, you've brought a lot of happiness to our everyday life by letting us have Andre :-)

Marta ( with Andre sitting on her lap)

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Photo of Bacardi the cat
Dear Hula

I thought you would like to see some pictures of Barcardi who we adopted in July. He has been such a delight to have in our home and has become a real part of the family.

Photo of Bacardi the cat
As a volunteer at Hula I get to know all the cats personalities and as much as they are all lovely there was just something about Barcardi and I knew that I wanted him.

He loves being outside but after a couple of hours he always comes home and likes to rest on the sofa. He is such an affectionate cat and loves his fuss and is great company to have.

Photo of Bacardi the cat

We have had the odd guest and I don't know how many collars we have lost but we are so pleased to have him and he is so loved we would be lost without him.

Thank you all,


Lorraine,Mark,Chloe, Kyle and Barcardi xxx

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Photo of Dexter the dog
Hello Hula,

Dexter here. Guess what? I've become a Dogfather! My little human offspring is called Saabira Grace and mum calls us 'partners in crime' because Saabira feeds me her dinner when the grown ups aren't watching.

Photo of Dexter the dog
I'm being very well behaved in my new role but do get told off for eating tissue or clean nappies out the changing bag.

I spend most of my day chilling out and having cuddles or running after my Boomer ball. Dad says I'm lazy, I prefer to think of myself as 'mellow'. I even got myself a girlfriend but haven't seen her for a while. She cheated on me with a Labrador. I don't care though, I've got my eye on a cheeky little boxer called Brian.

Photo of Dexter the dog
Hope you're all well. I'll come over soon to say hi and give you all a lick.

Love and snuggles,

Dexter 'Who's the Daddy' Dog

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Photo of Boycie the dog
Hi Guys,

It has now been a year since I had the absolute pleasure of bringing Boycie home with me, and not for one second have I regretted that decision!

Photo of Boycie the dog

My entire neighbourhood has fallen in love with this gentle giant. I barely get out of my front door and he is surrounded! His gentle nature has even worked its magic on a lady who used to be petrified of the smallest dogs! Boycie gets complements and cuddles wherever he goes, and has no problem standing back and soaking up all of the attention!

He's also made a few canine friends. A rottweiler and a labradoodle being amongst them. They will spend hours chasing each other and playing until finally they collapse in a heap, recovering before for the next round!

Photo of Boycie the dog
He's had me constantly laughing for the past year and I love him to the moon and back. He's my baby and I cannot wait to see how he continues to develop.

Anyway, I could write you an essay about him, but instead I'll attach some pictures so you can see for yourselves how he's getting on.

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to love this amazing boy. :) Michelle

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Photo of Alice the rabbit
Hi Hula lovelies,

I just wanted to send you an update for both Alice and George. I enjoyed writing this up, it has reminded me how lucky we are to have such awesome buns.

I also wanted to add that they both receive regular Reiki healing and have crystals near their hutches to support them in feeling calm and relaxed.

ALICE - Alice has settled in well and each day seems to be relaxing more into her new life. I knew taking her on would be a challenge and her self defence behaviour was part of the deal. I have been amazed to see that her growling and leaping forward has virtually stopped (fingers crossed) over the last two weeks. I have spent time sitting with her and she now will accept a hand gently placed in front of her. It's still early days, and I don't want to rush her, but I am confident she will eventually be able to let go of her issues.

Photo of Alice the rabbit
She has full access to the garden about 3-4 hours a day. She loves exploring and standing on her hind legs to reach the leaves. Its lovely for her to get the Sun on her back and be able to run and leap about.

I am thrilled that she has joined our family and so happy to see her relaxing a little to accept our love and attention. She is still separate from her man George but signs are good that eventually she will be able to be in with him.

Photo of George the rabbit
GEORGE - We have had George for over a year now and I still can't believe how far he has come. When he came to us he had never been out on grass or had any space to roam freely. The first few months were difficult as his friend Dylan had to be euthanised (due to serious dental issues) and then George experienced digestive problems. Both of these due to years of neglect and bad nutrition. It seemed as if we were going to lose George too.

Luckily he managed to pull through and gain weight. For months he would just sit all day not moving, even though he had a large space in the garage and open access to the garden. Some days I would pick him up out of his hutch, walk him to the middle of the garden and put him on the grass (asking him to find his inner-bunny!) It was obvious he didn't really know what to do!

Photo of George the rabbit

Eventually the only way to stop him running back into his hutch was to sit outside with him. As the weeks passed he started to enjoy being outside and active. I remember the day he ate grass for the first time - we were all leaping about with joy looking through the window!

Photo of George the rabbit
He has now totally found his inner-bunny!! He loves his garden, chasing off the birds who dare to land on his grass and comes into the house to chew my sofa, at every opportunity. Sometimes when Im working at my computer, and the door is open, he will come and sit near my feet to snooze.

George has shown me that with lots of love and patience miracles are possible. I still can't believe that the scruffy, urine stained bunny that was so quiet could have transformed into such a handsome boy with a big personality.

Debbie x

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JAZZ (formerly Tigger)

adopted May 2013

Photo of Jazz the cat
Hi All

Just wanted to give you a quick update on Jazz.

She's been with me for 3 months now and apart from some pretty frequent visits to the vets she seems to have turned a corner now. A few probs with her ears still but I think we'll just deal with it when it comes up.

She settled in straight away and we have definitely helped each other! She's helped me cope with losing my last cat and in turn I'm spoiling her rotten!!

Photo of Jazz the cat
She has a lovely nature, loves cuddles and tends to stay close to home when she goes out. She has also developed a charming habit of bringing me spiders too!!! Yuk!

Thank you very much - hope all is well.

Jo & Jazz

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adopted July 2013

Dear Hula,

We thought you might like to see a few pics of Fluffy and Ozzy in their new home. As you can see they both like lounging around, especially Fluffy. She also likes to spend time in the garden whilst Ozzy, although he does venture outside, prefers snoozing inside.

Photo of Fluffy the cat Photo of Ozzy the cat

They're good fun and seem to have settled in well in their new home and we're sure they'll be happy here. We certainly love having them around.

Andrea & Steve

Photo of Fluffy the cat Photo of Ozzy the cat

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adopted July 2013

Well a big hello hula from mimi xxx

Photo of Mimi the staffie
Well it's just over 4 weeks now that I came to my new home and wow what a lovely family xx You're never guess they brought me a lovely bed with a nice fluffy blanket (which I love) lots of toys , my favourite is my kong frisbee and kong.

We go on lots of lovely walks to the woods which I particularly love as there's always lots of sticks but my ultimate favourite thing is going for walks with my dad to the park to play frisbee or ball (even though I have chewed a few) I even carry my ball or frisbee home from the park x but you're never going to guess what..... I even go to work with my dad - I am officially a builder! I even have my own harness with my dads company name on it so I am one of the lads and guess what I have another bed and toys at work too (aren't I a lucky lady).

Photo of Mimi the staffie
When I am relaxing at home my new family give me lots of cuddles and it only took me three weeks to get on the sofa with my dad (I only go on it when I am invited though) but I truly couldn't be any happier - I truly am a happy staffy xxxx

I look forward to seeing you on the 8th September for 'the best staffy smile' because I really am the happiest staffy with the most loving family and we all love each other so much xxx

I hope you like my photos xxx ( aren't I a scary staff (not) just a loved staffy xxx

Lots of love Mimi xxx

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Photo of Elmo the cat


Hello to all at Hula,

Approximately 7 years ago I came to Hula looking to give a cat a home, but instead I ending up giving 2 lovely boys a place they could call their own. Oscar (black and white) was known to hula as Gareth, and Elmo (black) were neighbours in hula and were side by side. Seeing them together playing across their little homes it was clear that they had to be together.

Oscar was home two weeks before Elmo however, they hadn't forgotten one another and once together it was like old times (however Oscar does tend to get a little carried away lol!) Since then we have moved again and now Oscar and Elmo have even more companions, Wiggles the family cat, and cats from up and down the street who come in and play in the garden with all the boys (Oscar appears to invite all the cats over lol!)

Photo of Oscar the cat Photo of Oscar the cat

Over the years Oscar hasn't grown up one bit, he is Peter Pan the boy who never grew up, and Elmo has come out of his shell no end. They are the most funniest, cutest loving little boys, and I thank hula for choosing me to bring them into my home, I'd be lost without them!

Photo of Wiggles the cat Photo of Oscar the cat

Kelly & Chris

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SCRUFF (formerly Tobi)

Hello to all at Hula,

I just wanted to drop you an update on a former resident you would know as Tobi but we renamed him Scruff. He has been with us for 4 years now if I remember rightly.

He's still fit and well and extremely happy and getting on famously with our other dog Eddie. He's such a character, he has us in fits of laughter most days with his ridiculous antics. I only have to wave a finger at him and he throws himself on the grass and rolls on his back, kicking his legs in the air. He's like an eternal puppy. If he does anything wrong I can't stay mad at him because I always end up laughing.

Photo of Scruff the dog
He loves his exercise and play but the downside is that he is utterly obsessed with those kong squeaky balls which I have to buy in bulk now. It can be quite painful on our ears when he starts squeaking and if I fail to take the ball and throw it he pushes it into my hand so I have no choice. That can go on for hours!

Anyway, I thought I would include an up to date picture so you can see how he has grown up, this is his favourite play spot in our field. He had his coat cut when the hot weather started so he looks a bit like a shorn sheep now but I have sent you a pre-haircut picture so you can see how he got his name.

I hope all the animals are doing well at Hula,

Kind regards

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adopted August 2011

Hi guys

I just thought I would give you an update on how Morgan is getting on. I adopted her two years ago this month from HULA and it's been an eventful couple of years! :-)

Photo of Morgan the cat
Despite being very feisty when I first got her, she has gradually mellowed over time and is such an adorable cat.

She is proof that older cats give you back so much love and are so worthwhile adopting. She has such a wonderful personality and so much character.

She fitted straight in with my other two boy cats, well, that's not entirely true, she came in, stared them down, gave them the cat version of a two fingered salute and they obviously realised it wasn't wise to mess with her. Having said that, she will often be found asleep next to The Woodmeister on my bed and they all sit together out in the garden now that the warmer weather is here.

Morgan has regular heath checks and will always need to take her hyperthyroid medication but she can move faster than a speeding bullet for a chunk of Co-op Freedom Food Chicken, to be hand fed to her of course! :-)

She is a total Diva with tons of personality and I love her to bits!

Thank you HULA for giving me my lovely Morgella-de-Ville and I hope her story encourages other people to give older cats a chance!

Donna [We are sorry to pass on the sad news that Morgan passed away in January 2014. Morgan had an enormous personality and will be remembered with much love especially by her Donna who gave her such a wonderful and loving second home]

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Photo of Snowy the dog


Hi Hula

It was so good to visit today, Snowy loved cuddles with Sue.

Photo of Snowy the dog
Snowy has been with us for 7 months now and is a very important part of the family. Friends and family alike have fallen in love with her! Though she does still like my Mum's feet!

I have attached a selection of pictures showing Snowy enjoying walks in the fields, keeping guard in the garden, snuggled in blankets and posing for the camera!

Her coat is now thick and shiny, the vet is so happy with her skin and she has not needed any medication after leaving Hula. Her confidence is building and a great character is shining through. Snowy loves her walks in the fields (especially the long grass) and cuddles on the sofa.

Photo of Snowy the dog Photo of Snowy the dog
Photo of Snowy the dog Photo of Snowy the dog

Thank you for introducing us to this very special dog!

Love Vicky, Ben, Snowy and Thumper

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adopted June 2013

Hi Hula!!

Photo of Alfie the cat
AlfieCat here giving an update. As you can see from my photo, I am very, very happy in my new home and me and my (little) big brother get along famously. I like to prod him when he is fast asleep because it makes him jump.

I now have all my favourite places in the house throughout the day, depending on where the sun is, I eat loads and can be very vocal when my people in the house don’t feed me right when I ask for it.

I go out every night and get up to mischief with my friends, then come back in the morning for a tough day sleeping. I prefer to sleep on Matthew’s arm as he is around during the day lots and if he stops stroking me I prod him with my paw to remind him of his duties!!

I am keeping my owners very happy even though they sometimes call me “AlfiePest” and this weekend I learnt how to “Sit” for my favourite Whiskers Temptation sweeties. Clever boy hey?

All the best to you all at Hula, I hope all the furry friends there find new, loving homes like me.

Xx AlfieCat xx

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Photo of Izzie the cat

IZZIE (formerly Bluey)

adopted April 2010

Hello Hula,

Just a short update to let you know how Izzie is getting on.

We adopted Izzie (formerly Bluey) back in April 2010. She is definitely the boss of the house!

As you can see, she still likes to observe the fish in the pond. She is such a good girl, we love her to bits and wouldn’t be without her.

Denise, Donald and Ashlea

Photo of Izzie the cat Photo of Izzie the cat

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adopted 2001

We got Nash and Duster from HULA in 2001 and as you can see they are both going strong!

They refuse to sleep separately and are always together.

They are the most wonderful family pets and companions, although Nash got up to his fair share of mischief when he was younger!

Nash even has his own FaceBook Page (Nash Cartman)

Photo of Nash the dog and Duster the cat

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