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HULA Animal Rescue provides long term care to a variety of animals including ponies, pigs, sheep, goats, geese, ducks and chickens.

Meet some of our residents below.

Churchill & Duckie

Photo of Churchill and Duckie
Duckie (Indian Runner breed) was lonely in her old home because sadly a fox had taken her companion and she was brought to HULA to make new friends in December 2007. Churchill (Khaki Campbell breed) had been at HULA since December 2003 and was delighted to have Duckie join him. They are now very close friends.

Photo of Bazza the goose

Bazza the Goose

Bazza is a white Embden goose who came to HULA in 2005 when he was just 17 weeks old. He is a superb guard goose - at his previous house he apparently had a penchant for postmen! We know Bazza is a bit of a rebel but he is only doing what comes naturally and is a real character.

Photo of Steel the cow

Sapphire & Steel

Sapphire and Steel arrived in January 2000. Sapphire and is a blue-coloured Shorthorn heifer who lives at HULA's Sanctuary with Steel our Channel Island (Jersey) steer.

Photo of Sapphire the cow

Both were rescued by HULA when they were unclaimed strays at just over 3 months old. Their origins are steeped in mystery - apparently they were found wandering the streets of North London by a policeman!

Photo of Suzi and Sara the goats

Suzi & Sara

Suzi and Sara arrived at HULA in April 2008 aged 4 weeks as you can see here they are now all grown up.

Animal Welfare Assistant Sarah Tester with the HULA sheep.

Photo of Sarah Tester with the HULA sheep

Bully Boy Bunting

Photo of Bully Boy Bunting the goat

We sadly lost Henry the goat in March 2015. Henry was nearly 20 years old and had enjoyed a lovely life at HULA. His long term companion, Millie was lonley and although she befriended Sunny the pony, she also needed a goat friend too. Please say a big hello to our new arrival Bully Boy Bunting who came to HULA in May 2015.

He is settling in before he lives with his new girlfriend Millie, she will be the boss for sure but we do hope that they become best of friends.

***UPDATE*** Just a few days later it seems introductions are going very well!

Photo of Millie and Bully Boy Bunting the goats

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