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Up n Over Agility Dog Training Club logo

Up n Over Agility

We would like to say a huge THANK YOU to the Up N Over Agility Dog Training Club for donating a wonderful £200 to HULA.

Everyone at HULA is so very grateful for your support.

A home for Barry

Could Barry be the boy for you? Our Barry very sadly gets overlooked and we can’t understand why.

Photo of Barry the staffie
Here at HULA we are incredibly lucky and have some brilliant volunteer dog walkers. Jane is one of our regular volunteers and we are so grateful for her help, she very kindly written a few lovely words about her friend Barry.

"Barry has so many friends here at HULA. He's everyone's favourite. From the minute you see his cheeky little face staring up at you, you will be smitten.

Barry is the 'demonstration' dog we always use when introducing new volunteers to the art of putting a harness on a dog. Does he jump around and bark like some of his doggy friends, ensuring the volunteers don't stand a chance of putting the harness on? Well of course not! Barry stands still, lifts his paws and seems to understand that the sooner the harness is on, the sooner walkies begin.

Photo of Barry the staffie
First stop on our walk - the runs for a game of chase the tennis ball and he even brings it back (but doesn't necessarily give it up!). He's remarkably athletic for his age but also enjoys a steady plod round the field on his lead. It goes without saying that this good boy doesn't pull.

Sometimes we are joined by Queenie the American bulldog who likes to walk up front and Barry is quite happy to follow on behind. If we happen to pass someone he knows - a member of staff or volunteer - or even someone he doesn't know, they are always greeted with a friendly tail wag.

So why is Barry still at HULA? Because he's a Staffie and a little grey around the muzzle. Get to know him though and you'll realise he's a Super Staffie! And did I mention his curly tail - so cute."

Take a look for yourself. You'll be smitten too!

Poster for opening of on-site shop

Huge thanks to Pedigree

We would like to say a huge thank you to Pedigree who very kindly donated a huge van load of Chappie dog food to us for which we are very grateful.

Thank you Pedigree from everyone at HULA

Photo of HULA staff member Laura Reeves with donation from Pedigree

Re-use Community Project logo

MK Re-Use Community Project

Thank you to Milton Keynes Re-use Community Project.

We recently put out an appeal for a second hand washing machine and we were delighted to be contacted by Margaret and John from the Milton Keynes Re-use Community Project whose words were music to our ears. Not only could they help us with a washing machine but Margaret, John and their fabulous customers had very kindly organised a brand new washing machine for us!

We popped along to meet them and took delivery of a fabulous new machine which has immediately been put to use in our laundry.

On behalf of everyone at HULA Animal Rescue we would like extend our huge and sincere thanks to everyone at MK Re-use who are based in Kiln Farm, Milton Keynes for their kindness and generosity.

Why not visit their website.


Photo of washing maching being donated by MK Re-Use project

HULA Amazon Wish list – thank yous

Photo of Pixie the dog with presents from a supporter
Wow what a lovely surprise we were so thrilled to recently receive a parcel from Amazon. A very kind and generous person has sent us these lovely items from our Amazon Wish List.

Sadly, the package did not contain any documentation detailing who had kindly sent the items so we very much hope that they see this thank you.

Thank you also to Nasreen and Mia Rockley as they also went shopping for HULA via the Amazon Wish List! Enormous thanks for the Kong, training pads and wood shavings.

On behalf of Pixie and all the animals in our care thank you so very much we are thrilled!

Our amazon wish list can be found here.

Thank you to the staff at HMP Woodhill

Photo of Ged presenting cheque to staff member Sue Willett
Imagine our delight when we were contacted by Ged from HMP Woodhill, MK in August. Jed and his colleagues were organising a cake bake and bowling night in September and HULA were one of four charities that they had chosen to support.

Ged popped along to HULA recently and presented us with a cheque for £278.9! By all accounts they had a lovely evening whilst raising such an amazing amount for their chosen charities of which we were delighted to be one.

Huge HULA Thanks to HMP Woodhill, Milton Keynes for choosing HULA we really appreciate and value your support.

Cranfield Church of England Academy logo

Cranfield Church of England Academy

Thank you to Cranfield Church of England Academy.

Huge HULA thanks to the lovely pupils from Reception Year One and Two at the Cranfield Church of England Academy who very kindly donated a huge amount of cat and dogs food and treats which they had collected during their Harvest Festival.

On behalf of all the HULA Animals thank you for your kindness for thinking of us we are very grateful.

A huge thank you to Pets at Home Aylesbury

Photo of store colleagues from Pets at Home Aylesbury
We would like to say a huge thank you to the lovely colleagues and customers at Pets at Home Aylesbury. We were invited over to collect lots of lovely food and treats for our guests which had been put into their charity collection area.

Thank you again for your kindness which is really appreciated by everyone at HULA.

Thank you Santander!

We would like to say a huge thank you to Santander and their Quality Team who helped to build a new home for our resident geese, Bazza and Wilma.

It rained (of course) and due to essential maintenance taking place we were without electricity for a few hours so we couldn’t even make them a hot drink in the afternoon, but they persevered and we now have two very happy geese.

We are very grateful to Santander for allowing their employees to come along and join the HULA team for the day.

Thank you everyone for your hard work, help and enthusiasm.

Working group from Santander

Thank you!

We have some wonderful volunteers at HULA who help us in a variety of activities from attending to our animal’s needs to raising funds for HULA, especially at our Fete and Dog Show events. Many thanks to each and every one of you for all of your hard work – we really couldn’t continue our work without you.

Our September fete was a great success and our volunteer photographer, Bridget Davey has taken some lovely pictures of the day. Please click on this link to view and if you wish, buy them. The photographs will be available until the end of October 2016.

Our thanks also to Sarah Carter from Milton Keynes Veterinary Group for judging and sponsoring the dog show. The picture shows her presenting the prizes for Best in Show and Reserve prizes.

Photo from the HULA fete

More thank yous

Four cheers for four wonderful local companies and their hardworking employees who helped us prepare for and dismantle all our marquees and gazebos after our recent fete.

Hip, hip, hip, hip hooray to all of them!!

We are so grateful to the groups who helped us and we feel they all deserve a very special mention for all of their hard work in helping to make our Fete such a success.

Staff from Whiteclarke Group and Mazars came to HULA on the Friday before the big day to help erect the marquees and prepare the site. Luckily the weather was good unlike Saturday when the heavens opened! On Monday work groups from TSystems and Barclays visited and helped to take down the marquees and get Hula back to normal daily activities.

We thought you might like to see some of the photographs of the hard working teams that we took during these activities. Everyone at HULA extends a huge thank you to these wonderful people and their employers for allowing them to come and help us.

We really couldn’t have done it without them and it was a pleasure to have them join the HULA team!

Photo of workgroup Photo of workgroup
Photo of workgroup Photo of workgroup

Please could you help us with our Christmas Raffle?

Picture of raffle tickets
Summer is over and Christmas not far away! We held a very successful Christmas Raffle last year are we are now planning our 2016 raffle and hope it will as good if not better than last year.

Can you help us by donating a raffle prize please? We would be very grateful if you could.

Please send details to Rosemary who is chair of the Fundraising Committee at hularescueoffice@gmail.com we look forward to hearing from you.

Huge HULA Thanks to Tesco and Pedigree

Photo of Roxy dog and HULA staff member Laura Reeves
Did you know that between 21st September 2016 & 11th October 2016 Pedigree and Tesco will be working together to help support animal rescue homes just like HULA.

Every time you purchase and Pedigree, Whiskas, Dreamies or any Tesco own label pet products from Tesco they will generously make a donation to support rescues homes.

So please can we ask you to get involved and support this amazing offer ?

We would also like to extend our Sincere thanks to Pedigree and Tesco for making HULA part of this initiative and we are very proud to be taking part. For more information please visit http://rescuehomes.uk.pedigree.com/

Thank you in advanced for supporting us.

Poster Pedigree and Tesco campaign

Poster for shop volunteers

Could we ask for your support please?

Easyfundraising logo
We are pleased to say that there are two fantastic ways to donate to HULA without spending a penny!

Do you like to shop on line and would you like to support and raise funds for HULA while you shop? Over 175 lovely HULA Supporters have signed up to Easyfundraising and we are delighted to say that in the last quarter we received £48.20 in donations.

Easyfundraising retailers logo
So whenever you buy anything online you could be raising a free donation for HULA Animal Rescue.

There are nearly 3,000 retailers including Amazon, John Lewis, Aviva, thetrainline and Sainsbury's, who'll give a free donation to HULA Animal Rescue every time you shop, it doesn't cost you a penny extra. Head to http://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/hulaanimalrescue to sign up and collect free donations on your purchases of gifts, groceries, decorations, holidays and even furniture.

If you shop on your mobile or tablet, get the free easyfundraising app and you'll never miss a donation. To get the app please visit the App Store or Google Play and search for 'easyfundraising' or find out more at www.easyfundraising.org.uk/raise-more/easyfundraising-app.

Easysearch logo
Perhaps you are one of the millions of people that use an internet search engine every day? Would you consider switching your internet searching to easysearch and raising donations for HULA? Every time you search the web using http://hulaanimalrescue.easysearch.org.uk instead of Google or any other search engine, half a penny is raised for HULA Animal Rescue. Search just 15 times a day and you can raise around £25 a year just for browsing the internet.

Here’s what some of our lovely supporters who have already signed up are saying about easysearch.

"Easysearch is a great idea and just as good as Google for the results! I’ve recommended it to my friends and I think this site is the best around as it does something for people. Well done!"

"What a fantastic idea! I was using Google anyway but this way I get to raise money for my good cause every time I search…brilliant! I’ve made easysearch my homepage!"

So the next time you need to find something online, please use http://hulaanimalrescue.easysearch.org.uk and raise money for HULA Animal Rescue with every search you make.

Thank you so much in advance for your support.

Happy Endings

Photo of Hermione cat
We are always so delighted to receive news from previous guests - a day, a week or even years after they have gone to live in their forever homes. Seeing the pictures of them enjoying a happy home life is so rewarding.

We have a special page dedicated to Happy Endings. Do take a look at some of these really happy stories and if you have rehomed an animal from HULA why not drop us a quick line and a picture or two as we would love to hear from you too.

Want to receive the latest news?

Photo of HULA wearing their valentine hearts
A huge thank you to everyone who has kindly bought something for our dogs, cats and rabbits from our Amazon Wish List.

It is a great way to treat one of our animals to a special gift. The list allows us to tailor what we need at any given time.

If you do make an order please send your contact details along with it as a note so that we can be sure to thank you. We love reading the personal messages people have been adding to their orders.

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Donate by mobile

If you would like to make a donation to HULA you can now do this via your mobile phone. The donation amount will be charged to your phone bill as usual or deducted from your pay as you go credit.

Shopping Online?

Easyfundraising website logo

Please shop through easyfundraising to raise more funds for HULA, all your favourite High Street shops plus many more are available via easyfundraising.

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