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Whitbread workgroup

Huge HULA thanks to the wonderful employees from Whitbread

As some of you know the HULA site was closed today (24th June). This was because we were joined by a group of fabulous employees from Whitbread who picked HULA for their Charity Day. The team have been working very hard all day long and have assisted us with a variety of jobs.

It was a pleasure to meet them all and we were so delighted to have them join the HULA team today.

Photo of workgroup from Whitbread

Thank you Whitbread for all of your hard work and support

Jog my dog logo

Just to say an amazing thank you to Mary Bjerregaard from "Jog My Dog" for raising an amazing £411.30 at the Willen Lake Big Doggie Do 2016.

Mary and her team helped raise money for HULA by selling baked goodies and raffle tickets. It was a great turn out especially with the weather on their side. We are so pleased that Mary chose us to donate to.

Thanks again to Mary and your team and also to everyone who purchased a ticket and goodies, what a great people you are!

Thanks to Dan Walder

HULA Animal Rescue would like to say a HUGE thank you to very talented local musician Dan Walder who raised a wonderful £840.22 at his Charity Album Launch on the 7th May in Newport Pagnell.

We are so grateful for all the effort Dan put in to raising so much for us.

Good luck with your new album Dan and thank you for thinking of HULA Animal Rescue. We have all enjoyed listening to your album and we wish you every success.

A message from Millie

Photo of Millie the collie
Millie is looking for her forever home here at HULA however, she also has an important message and has asked us to remind everyone that it is now a legal requirement that every dog is micro chipped.

Millie says that if you have a dog please please check that they are micro chipped. If they are not then make an appointment to do so as soon as possible.

Millie says that if you have micro chipped your dog that’s brilliant. However, next time you have a spare few minutes do check that the telephone contact numbers and address details are correct so you can be reunited should the worse happen.

Bless her Millie does worry about all the poor dogs that get lost and can’t be reunited with their families as they are not chipped or the details are not up to date :(

For more information about our lovely Mille please click here.

Poppy and Bridget

Poppy is such a character and a big favourite at HULA... she has a wonderful ability to make you smile.

Poppy had a visit last week, HULA friend and very talented photographer Bridget Davey, who came along to take photographs of our current guests and she spent some time with Poppy who was as pleased as punch to see her.

Here is the latest photograph of Poppy taken by Bridget.

Photo of Poppy the dog

To see more of Bridget's photos and information on all of our dogs seeking new homes please visit our Kennels page.

Thank you Bridget for making Poppy's day and for once again giving up your time to come along and take photographs for us. As always this is really appreciated by the HULA Team and especially the animals!


Photo of dog show

Fete day photos

Our friend and very talented photographer Bridget Davey was once again on hand to capture some wonderful photographs of our recent fete.

If you would like to view the photos or purchase some of these wonderful shots then please use this link to Bridget's website www.bridgetdavey.com/hula-dogshow.

Introducing Cranberry

Photo of Cranberry the turkey Photo of Cranberry the turkey
 Breed  Sex  Age
 Black Norfolk Turkey  Male  approx. 1 year
 History and Recommendations
“Hello my name is Cranberry and I am a Black Norfolk turkey. I arrived at HULA after a member of the public found me straying along a busy bypass when they stopped in a layby. They have no idea how I got there, but I was very relieved to be here when Christmas came and went I can assure you!”

As Cranberry is reaching sexual maturity his current living situation is proving quite frustrating for him without any company of his own kind, particularly females. In addition, living with Jimmy, the already established cockerel in our flock proved too difficult for their male egos and they have started to bicker. The Norfolk Black, is a breed of domestic turkey and is generally considered the oldest turkey breed in the UK. Cranberry is a stunning example of the breed.

So if you think you can offer Cranberry the home he needs with turkey company then please get in touch.

My Ideal Home


Adoption Process

Could we ask for your support please?

Easyfundraising logo
We are pleased to say that there are two fantastic ways to donate to HULA without spending a penny!

Do you like to shop on line and would you like to support and raise funds for HULA while you shop? Over 175 lovely HULA Supporters have signed up to Easyfundraising and we are delighted to say that in the last quarter we received £48.20 in donations.

Easyfundraising retailers logo
So whenever you buy anything online you could be raising a free donation for HULA Animal Rescue.

There are nearly 3,000 retailers including Amazon, John Lewis, Aviva, thetrainline and Sainsbury's, who'll give a free donation to HULA Animal Rescue every time you shop, it doesn't cost you a penny extra. Head to http://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/hulaanimalrescue to sign up and collect free donations on your purchases of gifts, groceries, decorations, holidays and even furniture.

If you shop on your mobile or tablet, get the free easyfundraising app and you'll never miss a donation. To get the app please visit the App Store or Google Play and search for 'easyfundraising' or find out more at www.easyfundraising.org.uk/raise-more/easyfundraising-app.

Easysearch logo
Perhaps you are one of the millions of people that use an internet search engine every day? Would you consider switching your internet searching to easysearch and raising donations for HULA? Every time you search the web using http://hulaanimalrescue.easysearch.org.uk instead of Google or any other search engine, half a penny is raised for HULA Animal Rescue. Search just 15 times a day and you can raise around £25 a year just for browsing the internet.

Here’s what some of our lovely supporters who have already signed up are saying about easysearch.

"Easysearch is a great idea and just as good as Google for the results! I’ve recommended it to my friends and I think this site is the best around as it does something for people. Well done!"

"What a fantastic idea! I was using Google anyway but this way I get to raise money for my good cause every time I search…brilliant! I’ve made easysearch my homepage!"

So the next time you need to find something online, please use http://hulaanimalrescue.easysearch.org.uk and raise money for HULA Animal Rescue with every search you make.

Thank you so much in advance for your support.

Happy Endings

Photo of Hermione cat
We are always so delighted to receive news from previous guests - a day, a week or even years after they have gone to live in their forever homes. Seeing the pictures of them enjoying a happy home life is so rewarding.

We have a special page dedicated to Happy Endings. Do take a look at some of these really happy stories and if you have rehomed an animal from HULA why not drop us a quick line and a picture or two as we would love to hear from you too.

Want to receive the latest news?

Photo of HULA wearing their valentine hearts
A huge thank you to everyone who has kindly bought something for our dogs, cats and rabbits from our Amazon Wish List.

It is a great way to treat one of our animals to a special gift. The list allows us to tailor what we need at any given time.

If you do make an order please send your contact details along with it as a note so that we can be sure to thank you. We love reading the personal messages people have been adding to their orders.

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Donate by mobile

If you would like to make a donation to HULA you can now do this via your mobile phone. The donation amount will be charged to your phone bill as usual or deducted from your pay as you go credit.

Shopping Online?

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Please shop through easyfundraising to raise more funds for HULA, all your favourite High Street shops plus many more are available via easyfundraising.

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