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Thank you Noah's Ark

Photo of donation from Noah's Ark Vets in Dunstable
HULA would like to say a big thank you to Noah's Ark Veterinary Clinic in Dunstable who dropped off a donation of goodies for our animals.

We are so happy that you thought of HULA and the animals will really appreciate your gifts.

A visit from local Guides

Photo of 1st Woburn Sand Guides
Working in at rescue isn't all about the animals we are here to work with people too.

The 1st Woburn Sand Guides unit had a VIP tour around the site by staff members Susan Willet and Sarah Tester. They enjoyed their time at HULA and have sent us some pictures.

We were also very grateful for the kind donation from the guides.

Photo of HULA stand at Newport carnival

Newport Pagnell Carnival

Massive thank you to everyone who came to see us at Newport Pagnell's carnival where we had a stand.

A hugh thank you too to our team of ever willing volunteers who, without, events like this would not be possible.

Photo of donation from Lawes Paws
HULA would like to say a big thank you to Vicky Lawes and Clare Petheridge of Lawes Paws for their generous donation of some wonderful new leads and treats for the HULA dogs.

Each lead carries a special message such as "Nervous", "Friendly" or "No Dogs" which we think is a brilliant idea for dogs who may need some special attention when out and about.

Canine Massage

We would yet again like to say a huge thank you to Jenny Youdan for volunteering her time to allow some of our dogs to get a session of Canine Massage Therapy. Jenny is a very busy lady so we really do appreciate all that she can do for HULA.

Photo of Cuddles receiving a massage
As you can see Cuddles is enjoying his massage, we are sure that is a big smile on his face!

If you would like to know more about Jenny and the work that she does to see if your doggie friend would benefit then please visit her website. You can also find Jenny’s details on our Useful Links page.

A much needed makeover

We are very happy to show off our refurbished caravan!

Photo of refurbished caravan
We're pleased to have an area where adopters can go on their intros with their potential new dogs to spend some time with them in a home-like environment. As well as this we can offer this space for volunteers and staff to use at break times as well as a place to bond with dogs.

Thanks to a lovely family, who adopted a dog named Reece from us last year, Dimmock Construction Ltd and some hard working volunteers and staff our caravan is now back in business!

As always, we're moved by people's generosity and hard work and are sincerely grateful. How long before a dog is snoozing on the sofa?!

An unusual appeal

Photo of a broom head
Our farm animals love to keep clean and also to have a good old scratch and what better to do it with than a good old broom head!

We are in need of broom heads and lots of them, so if you have a discarded broom at home then we would love to have it.

....and speaking of our farm animals it's been a busy time for the HULA sheep.

Last week it was time for the sheep to have their annual hair cut! Sheep shearing is a quite an art and we call in the specialist for this. 3 sacks of wool later and our sheep are all ready for the summer!

Photo of a sheep after shearing

Pets at Home VIP club logo

Pets at Home VIP Points

As you may already know you can nominate HULA as your chosen charity for the Pets at Home VIP card. This means we get a little bit of money each time you purchase items from the store.

Pets at Home VIP club purchases
We are delighted to have already received £162.00 to spend.

As you can see we had a field day at Pets at Home in Aylesbury and have purchased many enrichment items for the animals.

Thank you to everyone who has signed up and nominated HULA

Office Dog Blog Logo

Meet The Office Dogs

Simply click on the "Official Blog" picture.

Happy Endings

Photo of Thumper the rabbit
We are always so delighted to receive news from previous guests - a day, a week or even years after they have gone to live in their forever homes. Seeing the pictures of them enjoying a happy home life is so rewarding.

We have a special page dedicated to Happy Endings. Do take a look at some of these really happy stories and if you have rehomed an animal from HULA why not drop us a quick line and a picture or two as we would love to hear from you too.

Want to receive the latest news?

Photo of HULA wearing their valentine hearts
A huge thank you to everyone who has kindly bought something for our dogs, cats and rabbits from our Amazon Wish List.

It is a great way to treat one of our animals to a special gift. The list allows us to tailor what we need at any given time. There are items from 44p up to £33 so something for every budget.

If you do make an order please send your contact details along with it as a note so that we can be sure to thank you. We love reading the personal messages people have been adding to their orders.


Photo of dog
Are you thinking of adopting a rescue dog? If so please give consideration to the bullbreeds.

There are many good reasons for allowing one of these wonderful dogs into your life.

Click here to read just a few of them.

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